Social Bridge is an organization built to achieve a single monumental mission: Providing solutions for Elders’ Loneliness, while building relationships between generations. 

Elderly parents and grandparents often feel afraid, they fear being forgotten. We aim to solve this by building intergenerational connections within the community.

In trying times like these, many Elders were ordered to “shelter in place” which magnified their loneliness and isolation even more.

You have the opportunity to change this.

1 Senior smile =$36 ; Weekly Senior smile for a year = $360 (less than $1 a day)



Since 2018, Social Bridge has been a pioneer in advocating the essential need to resolve Elder Loneliness.  Social Bridge build community around the Elders who choose to age in their home using a thought through frame work of: Identify – Understand – Educate – Connect. Same frame work we use to build stronger more stable communities for organizations and companies.

Social Bridge is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Mission and Goals


Providing solutions for Elders’ Loneliness, while building relationships between generous


To create “villages” feeling in neighborhoods all over USA

To provide a “belonging” feelings amongst Elders in their immediate / physical community.

You found the right place. 

You are squished between your responsibility for your parents and your children ; work ; life.
You know your parents wish for something else. They did not complained. They just sound, well …sad, hopeless, covering up. 
You wish you can call someone to check on them. or even better to have someone tells you how the weekly visit went.
You wish you were closer, but work, family life puts you somewhere else on the globe.

Contact us –; 858-376-7880