The problem – 


In these times, when social distancing is required, we worry about our grandparents and parents. You are a busy adult and like most 35 and older adults, you don’t live down the street from your parents. 


COVID-19 sheds a light on a huge PROBLEM – our Elders are isolated and disconnected from their community AND need help and support from their community. They need connection and they need to feel belonging. Feeling belong will eradicate Loneliness.


Another PROBLEM is – none of the current tools answer our Elders’ need for human connection.


The situation


On March 16 Social Bridge was featured on channel 10 news. During this article, Shifra Baltinester pleaded with San Diegans to check on their elderly neighbors. 


That call and the one made a few days later on channel 8 news and echoed a few days later by mayor Faulconer of San Diego, inspires many of us to take action.


Today – Social Bridge, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, directly helped and continues to help dozens of seniors all over the county. 


Our seniors, they are lost and feel abandoned. While the system and other organizations take care of them on the basic need of food, we – the people – don’t take care of the other basic human needs – connection. The personal connection, the neighbor who stops and chat, the neighbor who knocks on the door and asks – “How are you doing today” and listen.


 The solution


Social Bridge provides the SOLUTIONS our beloved Elders need.


 At Social Bridge, we understand and know, based on three years of research, that our parents and grandparents’ generations have a hard time asking for help.


 We also know how desperately they look for someone to listen to them and interact with them.


This is exactly what we provide here at Social Bridge → Food and connection for the spirit/soul, which being proved to be a huge contributor to the health of the body. 


 Social Bridge fills the gap between what’s available and what is needed. YOUR help is needed to continue this important and extremely necessary work.


Without our work, our Elders can go for weeks without seeing and or talking to another person, and might not have their basic need to stay healthy.


 I am sure you would like to know your parents are taken care of when they become less independent. 




Year worth of monthly shopping and socializing = $360 (less than $1 a day)









Since 2018, Social Bridge has been a pioneer in advocating the essential need to resolve Elder Loneliness.  Social Bridge build community around the Elders who choose to age in their home using a thought through frame work of: Identify – Understand – Educate – Connect. Same frame work we use to build stronger more stable communities for organizations and companies.

Social Bridge is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Mission and Goals


Providing solutions for Elders’ Loneliness, while building relationships between generous


To create “villages” feeling in neighborhoods all over USA

To provide a “belonging” feelings amongst Elders in their immediate / physical community.

You found the right place. 

You are squished between your responsibility for your parents and your children ; work ; life.
You know your parents wish for something else. They did not complained. They just sound, well …sad, hopeless, covering up. 
You wish you can call someone to check on them. or even better to have someone tells you how the weekly visit went.
You wish you were closer, but work, family life puts you somewhere else on the globe.

Contact us –; 858-376-7880