Getting old is no joke and no one taught us what it means.

You want to stay at your home, or maybe you choose to move to a retirement home or community, and yet you feel lonely.

You want someone to knock on your door talk with you, listen to your stories from the time you were young, ask your advice, ask how are you and stop to listen.

You matter and we care.

Caring for aging parents, when you far and/ or extremely busy with your own children is tough. You are torn and you want to have some one to help you

I know – I am there my 94 years old mother is far and my sibling are extremely busy.
I wish someone would come to visit her once a week. Someone I know care and will listen and even give me heads up when something looks off. I wish. This is why I started Social Bridge. So we all have a way to keep up and help each other, by volunteers and employees.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton